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    The municipalities Berkovići, Teslić and Ugljevik join the IRE network

    The new year starts with the accession of Bosnian municipalities:

    The IRE network will continue to grow in 2018 with the accession of three Bosnian communities. On 13thof December 2017, Franz Schausberger personally welcomed the Mayor of Ugljevik, Vasilije Perić, Teslić’s Mayor Milan Milićević and the President of the Assembly of Berkovići, Stefan Muratović (representing Mayor Nenad Abramović). The delegation was accompanied by IRE Advisory Board member Jugoslav Jovicić.

    During this meeting, Franz Schausberger pointed out that this was the first time that the three municipalities had come together in this context to become more open to Europe by supporting the IRE network. “Today’s signing of the delegation to co-operate with the IRE will enable the Institute to support these communities and connect them with other IRE network members,” emphasized Schausberger. An IRE membership not only forms a future partnership, but also includes a tailor-made cooperation concept including integration into the Europe-wide IRE network. Furthermore, possible joint projects were discussed that are in favor of these communities.

    From left to right: Jugoslav Jovicić (IRE-Advisory Board Member), Vasilije Perić (Mayor of Ugljevik), Franz Schausberger (IRE-Chairman), Milan Milićević (Mayor of Teslić), Stefan Muratović (President of the Assembly of Berkovići) and Joachim Fritz (IRE-General Secretary)
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