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    Separatist Lega Nord also successful in Southern and Central Italy

    Success of the Lega continues:
    At the Sardinian regional election of the 24th of February, the centre-right coalition with its regional president candidate Christian Solinas won, obtaining almost half of the votes (47.8%), while the centre-left candidate Massimo Zedda came second (32,93%) and Francesco Desogus from M5S third with 11,18% of the votes. It was the first time ever that both parties Lega and Movimento 5 Stelle (M5S) participated in a regional election in Sardinia.

    The results of the regional election in Sardinia
    While in the national elections of 2018, the M5S gained 42,5% of votes, being it the first and most voted party in the region, this time the M5S has not gained much support, receiving only 9,90% of the preferences. Among other things, the movement is not a classic party and has no clear party line and political position. Therefore, it has lost the electorate’s approval and thus paved the way for the rise of Lega and its leader Matteo Salvini.Following an electoral agreement for the 2018 parliamentary elections between the Lega and the Partito d’Azione Sardo, (PSd’Az), a party that pursues the goal of an independent Sardinia since 1921, the right-wing Candidate Christian Solinas (PSd’Az) was elected Italian Senator with the League’s support, before in November, he got top candidate for the center-right coalition at the tegional elections. As for the election in Abruzzo, the coalition won over the centre-left and the M5S, gaining over 47% of the votes.

     Top candidate Christian Solinas (PSd’AZ) and Matteo Salvini (Lega) holding together the Sardinian flag in Poetto (Cagliari); Source: LaPresse
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