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    Schausberger presents his newly published historical book

    Austria’s historical gap is closed

    Recently, Franz Schausberger had presented his book about Rudolf Ramek, the first Chancellor from Salzburg, to the Austrian Vice-Chancellor Wolfgang Brandstetter, who showed great interest in the biography of one of his predecessors as Minister of Justice. After seven years of research, Schausberger handed over his book to Governor Wilfried Haslauer at the end of October, who was pleased to see that Austria’s history was largely illuminated between 1918 and 1927.

    “One thing is undeniable as an important insight from this book: with consensus-oriented politicians like Rudolf Ramek, the First Republic of the irreconcilable opposites would have taken a different path,” said Schausberger. Looking at the agenda that the Ramek government had to cope with in the mid-twenties of the last century, it reminds us of Austria’s situation at the beginning of the 21st century.

    The book by Franz Schausberger “Rudolf Ramek 1881 to 1941. Consensus Chancellor in the Austria of Opposites” (Original: Rudolf Ramek 1881 bis 1941. Konsenskanzler im Österreich der Gegensätze)  was published by Böhlau Verlag in October 2017.

    Schausberger with Salzburg’s Gouverneur  Haslauer (left picture) and with Justice Minister and Vice Chancellor Brandstetter (right picture)

    Source: Landeskorrespondenz Salzburg 

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