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    Schausberger on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s electoral law and EU- Enlargement Strategy

    IRE Chairman on the future of the Western Balkans state:
    At a meeting in the House of Representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo on 8th of February 2018, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s current situation with the EU was examined. Franz Schausberger discussed with the Vice-President, Mladen Bosić and the President of the Srpska Demokratska Stranka (SDS), Vukota Govedarica, the electoral law of the state and the new EU strategy for the Western Balkans.

    Schausberger emphasized that the pace of BiH’s accession to the EU depends primarily on domestic institutions and political representatives, and is determined by Bosnia and Herzegovina itself. The European Union continues to support BiH on its way to joining the EU, but all the conditions necessary for BiH to become a candidate country must be met.

    From left to right: Mladen Bosić (Vice-President of the House of Representatives), Franz Schausberger (Chairman of the Institute of the Regions of Europe), Jugoslav Jovicić (IRE Board of Trustees Member) and Vukota Govedarica (President of the SDS)

    Bosić hopes that Bosnia and Herzegovina will use the link with Serbia and Montenegro to join the European Union, but also that the EU will support Bosnia and Herzegovina in its efforts. Govedarica, believes that a change in the political culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina is necessary in order to gain faster access to the EU.


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