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    Schausberger gets award from Varaždin County

    Friday, 14 September 2012 • For his merits in regard to the Croatian regions within the EU-integration process Schausberger was honored with the Medal of Varaždin.

    The Croatian President Ivo Josipovic together with Franz Schausberger in Varazdin.

    «As chairman of the Institute of the Regions of Europe (IRE), Franz Schausberger contributed to the development of the Croatian regions through the implementation of several conferences,seminars, cultural and educational projects. All these activities have helped the Croatian citiesand counties in their preparations for joining the EU, first and foremost Varaždin», reaffirmedthe President of Varaždin County, Predrag Štromar in the eulogy on Schausberger. As the onlyforeign citizen, Schausberger was awarded with the Medal of Honor of Varaždin County lastFriday. The Ceremony was attended also by the Croatian President, Prof. Dr. Ivo Josipović.In his speech, Schausberger emphasized the strong European history, tradition and culture ofVaraždin. Its geographical location is ideal for cross-border regional co-operation, which gets anotable support by the European Commission.Since several years, the IRE co-operates closely with the County of Varaždin. Already in 2006 aconference on EU-funding for the Croatian regions took place. In the last year Varaždin Countywas partner in the EU-project Lucky Four Leaf Clover.

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