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    Right-wing candidate Marsilio becomes new president of Abruzzo

    Right-hand shift in regional elections in Abruzzo:
    In the context of the overall political Situation in Italy, the election of Marco Marsilio from the party Fratelli d’Italia at the regional election in Abruzzo on the 10th of February can be read as a real victory of the extreme right. Fratelli d’Italia is a small extreme-right party, which barely passed the electoral threshold of 3% at the parliamentary election of 2018, gaining 4,3% of votes, for a total number of 19 seats in the Italian Parliament. For this small party, having one of its politicians as President of the Region is an extraordinary success.Last month the Senator Marsilio, one of the main contributors of the development of this party, was elected new President of the Region Abruzzo with 48,03% of the votes, beating the opponent of the centre-left coalition, Giovanni Legnini (31,28%) and Sara Marcozzi of M5S (20,20%). With 6.44% of the vote, in this election Fratelli d’Italia doubled the result of 2.90% from five years ago.

    The results of the regional elections of Abruzzo

    The candidate Marco Marsilio was chosen not only because of the preferences of his party, but mainly because of the support of a coalition with the Lega. In fact, the votes in the center-right list totaled 299,949, of which 165,008 (more than a half) were achieved by the Lega. In these regional elections this party alone received 27.53% of the total votes.

    The leaders of the centre-right coalition in the Abruzzo regional election. In the picture (from left to right): Matteo Salvini (Lega), Marco Marsilio (top candidate FdI), Giorgia Meloni (presidente FdI) and Silvio Berlusconi (Forza Italia); Source: Ansa


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