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    Regional and local elections in Europe 2017

    In 2017 local and regional elections will be held in nine European countries. The list below is not exhaustive.

    The statutory city of Waidhofen an der Ybbs in Austria begins this year with elections on 29th January 2017. The municipal elections in 2012 had resulted in the loss of the absolute majority of the ÖVP (Austrian Peoples party), which achieved 47.4 percent. The Social Democratic Party (SPÖ) slipped from 30 to 23.4 percent, the “Independent Election Community” (UWG) rose from 10.7 to 15.5 percent. The Green Alternative (GAL) reached 4.2, the FPÖ 3.9 percent. The list “Colorless Independent Formed Uniforms” (FUFU) entered the town hall with 5.7 percent. According to recent polls, the Waidhofen ÖVP and mayor Werner Krammer could possibly regain their absolute majority.
    The 40 mandates in the Waidhofen municipal council were divided as follows: ÖVP 20, SPÖ 10, UWG 6, FUFU 2, Greens 1, FPÖ 1.
    This is followed by the elections of the state capital Graz, where the municipal council is elected ahead of schedule on 5 February 2017. The last municipal elections in the city of Graz took place on 25 November 2012, regular elections should have been held in November 2017. But on Thursday, 17 November 2017, the Graz Town Council dissolved paving the way for new elections. The dissolution of the town council is the result of a lost budget vote. The mayor Siegfried Nagl (ÖVP) lost the majority for the budget 2017 despite the support from the SPÖ. The Communist Party (KPÖ) had tied its support to a referendum regarding a power plant. For years, the planned power plant in Graz-Puntigam has been a key problem. The Green Party and the KPÖ oppose it and demand a referendum on this matter, which, however, was rejected for legal reasons. The KPÖ took the chance to veto the 2017 budget.
    The last municipal elections in 2012 were clearly won by the ÖVP with 33.74 percent, despite a loss of 4.6 percentage points. The KPÖ was able to compensate for its bad result from 2008 and gained 8.7 percentage points to a total of nearly 20 percent and appointed the Vice Mayor Elke Kahr. The SPÖ lost 4.4 percentage points and came to 15.3 percent. The FPÖ won 2.9 percentage points, reaching 13.7 percent. The Greens lost 2.4 percentage points, which resulted in 12.1 percent. For the first time, a left-wing pirate party managed to reach 2.7 percent and entered the Graz municipal council. The BZÖ, on the other hand, had to leave the town council. The distribution of seats in the Graz Town Council is: 17 ÖVP, 10 KPÖ, 7 SPÖ, 7 FPÖ, 6 Greens, 1 Pirates.
    According to current polls, the ÖVP could roughly keep its last result, the SPÖ would fall to about 11 percent, the KPÖ and the Greens would lose (four or two percentage points), while the FPÖ would take second place with 18 percent.
    The IRE will report on the results of the regional and municipal elections.

    Listed by Countries

    Country/Date                      Region    Institution(s)                           
    21 November 5 Regions Regional Councils
      98 Municipalities Municipal Councils
    26 March Saarland Landtag
    7 May Schleswig-Holstein Landtag
    14 May North Rhine – Westphalia Landtag
    9 April 297 Municipalities Municipal Councils
    3 June 9 Cities, 110 Municipalities Municipal Councils
    8 Oktober Cities and Municipalities Municipal Councils
    March 90 Municipalities Municipal Councils
    29 January Lower Austria Municipal Council (Waidhofen/Ybbs)
    5 February Steiermark Municipal Council Graz
    October Burgenland Municipal Representations
        Direct Election of the Mayor
    October Lower Austria  Municipal Council Krems       
    October 308 Municipalities Municipal Councils
    United Kingdom 
    Great Britain
    4 May England 35 Councils
      England 9 Direct Elections of Mayor
      Scotland   All 32 Councils
      Wales All 22 Councils

    (no guarantee of completeness)

    Chronologically Listed

    Date Institution(s) Region Country
    29 January Municipal Council Waidhofen/Ybbs,
    Lower Austria
    5 February Municipal Council Graz Steiermark Austria
    26.March Landtag Saarland Germany
    March Municipal Councils 90 Municipalities Macedonia
    9.April Municipal Councils in 279 Municipalities Finland
    4 May 35 Councils England United Kingdom
      9 Direct Elections of Mayor England United Kingdom
      All 32 Councils Scotland United Kingdom
      All 22 Councils Wales United Kingdom
    7 May Landtag Schleswig-Holstein Germany
    14 May Landtag North Rhine – Westphalia Germany
    3 June Municipal Councils 9 Cities, 110 Municipalities Latvia
    8 October Municipal Councils Cities and Municipalities Luxembourg
    October Municipal Representations Burgenland Austria
      Direct Election of the Mayor     
    October Municipal Council Krems, Lower Austria  Austria
    October Municipal Councils 308 Municipalities Portugal
    21 November  Regional Councils 5 Regions Denmark
      Municipal Councils 98 Municipalities Denmark

    (no guarantee of completeness)

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