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    Predrag Štromar: New Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia

    New Deputy Vice Prime Minister of Croatia from IRE-member region Varaždin

    Croatia’s new coalition government comprising conservative HDZ party and liberal People’s Party (HNS) has been voted into office by parliament, receiving the support of 78 out of 151 MPs. After Ivan Vrdoljak resigned as president of the HNS party, HNS acting president Predrag Štromar was appointed Deputy Prime Minister as well as Construction and Physical Planning Minister of Croatia.

    Until recently, Predrag Štromar was president of the Varaždin County, but lost the third term of office to his former party colleague Radimir Čačić. However, he unexpectedly rose to the top of Croatian politics. His rise began in the party hierarchy in 2001, when he became a member of the presidency of the HNS of the Varaždin County. In 2004, he was not only elected as vice-president of the Varaždin County, who has been a member of the IRE network since 2005, but also as president of the HNS party. Four years later, in 2009, Štromar was elected president of the Varaždin County. The success was repeated four years later. The position of the Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia is the highlight of his career so far.

    From left to right: Franz Schausberger (IRE-Chairman and Special Advisor to the European Union), Predrag Štromar(Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia) and Andrej Plenković (Prime Minister of Croatia)
    Štromar was born in 1969 in Varaždin, is married and father of two girls. He studied at the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb and was among other employed at the former food retail giant “Prehrana”. In 2002, he was appointed Director of INA d.d. Varaždin. At the same time, his party committee Radimir Čačić was Minister in the government of Ivica Račan.
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