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    Novo Mesto: Center for Historical Heritage, Industry and Sport

    The development of the successful economy and the export – for example in the automotive and pharmaceutical industries – the development of public transport, tourism in the field of industrial heritage, archeology, sport as well as an ambitious Roma project are the focus of the Slovenian municipal politics of the City of Novo Mesto. Mayor Gregor Macedoni explained this on the occasion of a visit by IRE Chairman Franz Schausberger and IRE Board of Trustees Member Bernd Petrisch to the regional center in the southeast of Slovenia on 10th of November 2017.


    from left: Franz Schausberger (IRE-Chairman), Gregor Macedoni (Mayor of Novo Mesto) and Bernd Petrisch (IRE-Board of Trustees Member)

    Novo Mesto has a significant historical heritage, beautiful historic buildings that require extensive refurbishment. Currently, the historic town square is being extensively renovated. In addition to the natural landscape in the area, the important archaeological finds from the Hallstadt period, the location on the Amber Road, the historic industrial heritage, the various sports facilities are particularly suitable for the development of tourism. However, suitable hotels and restaurants are still missing, said the mayor. Work is being done on a comprehensive mobility concept that includes a parking system, car-sharing and public transport on demand. The city also aims to set up private faculties in the fields of information technology, industrial engineering and health.

    The two representatives of the IRE and the mayor of Novo Mesto have agreed to work together again in those areas where the IRE has been successful in the past and can establish contacts with other cities.

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