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    News from the IRE network: Lviv expects half a million tourists


    With its good value in euros and dollars Lviv is becoming a major travel destination in Europe. Lviv now is entering the big leagues of Eastern European tourism.

    “In January, we expect a record of 500,000 visitors — half of them are Ukrainians, the rest are foreigners — from Poland, Turkey, Germany, Belarus, USA,” said Galyna Malets, head of the Lviv City Council’s tourism department. “In the same period last year, Lviv hosted 300,000 guests.” Last year, Lonely Planet placed Lviv among the top five European tourist destinations. In 2016, 2,6 million tourists visited Lviv — more than three for each of the city’s 723,000 residents.

    Only 60 km from Poland and a world away from the separatist conflict in Ukraine’s southeast corner, Lviv is gaining recognition at one of Europe’s cheapest travel destination for 2017, according to Momondo, an international travel company.

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