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    More understanding and solidarity for national and regional measures to prevent illegal immigration

    The representatives of Salzburg in the European Committee of the Regions Franz Schausberger called for more understanding and solidarity towards those countries and regions that are affected most by the refugee, migration and asylum problem.  

    The meeting of the Commission for Citizenship, Governance, Institutional and External Affairs (CIVEX) on 23 June 2016 debated on issues like reforming the Common European Asylum System, the legal immigration, integration of third country nationals, security and combating terrorism and the European Neighbourhood Policy.

    Austria is a country that has received a high number of refugees and the Province of Salzburg is affected in particular because of its border with Germany. As long as the protection of the EU’s external borders is not guaranteed member should have the possibility to take national and regional measures to prevent illegal immigration. Even countries that are known for their liberal immigration policy, like Sweden, were recently forced to take very restrictive measures, explained Schausberger. Therefore, criticism from countries that are not affected by the issue is inappropriate.


    Franz Schausberger (right) and the CIVEX chairman Olgierd Geblewicz (left), Governor of the Polish Province of West Pomerania.

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