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    More funding for cities and regions in Slovakia

    Congress of the Union of Towns and Cities of Slovakia in Bratislava:

    The 27th Congress of the Union of Towns and Cities of Slovakia (UTCS) was held on 3 June 2016 in Slovakia’s capital Bratislava. The Congress was chaired by the President of the Association of Towns and Cities of Slovakia and Mayor of Bratislava Ivo Nesrovnal. Most participants were mayors of Slovakian cities.
    The UTCS set out priorities and objectives for the next time period such as a closer cooperation of regional governments with the private sector and an increasing energy efficiency for which a platform will be established. Representatives of several ministries discussed possible development chances for marginalized regions in the country.

    The Secretary General of UTCS Milan Galanda pointed out that due to newly implemented laws more funding for the cities and regions is possible, which also comes with more responsibility. Other priorities are the improvement of health services and waste management.
    Member of the IRE Board of Trustees Georg Krauchenberg took part in the meeting.

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