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    Major investments in the IRE member regions Arad and Suceava

    Romania received 252 Million Euros from the EU

    The The European Commission announced on the 28th of November 2017, that it is helping Romania to improve its road and water infrastructure in providing the state a total of 252 million Euros.

    176 Million Euros, provided by the Cohesion Fund, will be invested in water management and distribution infrastructure in Vrancea county’s urban areas. This will result in access to drinking water for 66,500 inhabitants and wastewater treatment systems for more than 57,000 inhabitants. The EU provided Romania at the beginning of November with 17 million euro to improve the access to drinking water. This included the Suceava county (City of Suceava is in the IRE-Network), Constanta, Ialomita and Gorj.

    76 million euro from the European Regional Development Fund will be provided for the works of the national road E79, which connects Romania with Bulgaria, Greece and Hungary. The works will be carried out at sections of the road linking the cities of Deva, in the historical region of Transylvania in central Romania, and Oradea, at the border with Hungary. “The road passes through the counties of Hunedoara, Arad (in the IRE-Network) and Bihor, before connecting with Bors town, which will generate greater economic development and will stimulate employment and regional development in these counties,” Corina Cretu, European Commissioner for regional policy, stated.

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