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    Konrad Schupfner: New EuRegio president

    Cross-border cooperation as a building block for Europe
    On 2nd of May 2017, Konrad Schupfner, mayor of the city of Tittmoning (district of Traunstein), was unanimously elected to the new EuRegio President. He succeeded Johann Hutzinger (Mayor of Bergheim) after a four-year term. Every four years the presidency of the EuRegio Salzburg – Berchtesgadener Land - Traunstein changes between Salzburg and Bavaria.
    Mayor of Bergheim Johann Hutzinger and District Administrator of Traunstein Siegfried Walch led the EuRegio from June 2014 to May 2017. During their term, the EuRegio addressed important social issues such as the refugee situation, asylum or health care. Many small and large projects, which were and are often supported by the EU support program INTERREG, could be launched.
     The new EuRegio President Konrad Schupfner (CSU), his executive committee as well as the entire EuRegio agreed that cross-border cooperation at the EuRegio level is an important and positive building block for cohesion in Europe today.
    In this respect, he appealed to the Assembly to intensify its efforts for cross-border projects,and asked Eu-delegate in Brussels Claudia Schmidt to continue to work on the continuation of the INTERREG program at the German-Austrian border after 2020.




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