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    IRE visits the Inter-Municipal Development Center (IDC) in Slovenia

    Slovenian municipalities are collaborating for sustainable cooperation

    IRE Chairman Franz Schausberger, together with Board of Trustees Member Bernd Petrisch and the IRE-team, visited the Inter-Municipal Development Center in Grosuplje on 8th of November 2017. In addition to the mayor of the municipality Peter Verlič and the municipal director Dušan Hočevar, the deputy mayor of the municipality Ivančna Gorica, Tomaž Smole and the municipal director of the municipality Trebnje, Janez Pirc, participated in the meeting.
    From left: Tomaž Smole (Deputy Major of Ivančna Gorica), Franz Schausberger (IRE-Chairman), Peter Verlič (Mayor of Grosuplje), Dušan Hočevar (Municipal Director of Grosuplje) and Janez Pirc (Municipal Director of Trebnje)
    Schausberger emphasized that the EU provides support programs for cross-community cooperation. He sees the best opportunities for application in the EU in terms of cultural heritage and projects related to nature, as these features should be highlighted in all three communities. The theme of the former railway line Ljubljana-Kočevje and the archaeological site Magdalenska Gora also came up.
    The IRE member regions Grosuplje and Trebnje joined together a little over a year ago with the neighboring municipality Ivančna Gorica to found the Inter-Municipal Development Center (IDC). The aim of this cooperation is to apply for various European subsidies as promoters in order to guarantee sustainable development.
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