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    IRE- study on the topic “Cross-Border Regional Cooperation in the European-Russian Frontier Zone”

    The regional cooperation of the regions on the EU border – Russia works
    The study shows that, despite all the conflicts and sanctions between the EU and Russia, the cooperation between border regions is quite efficient.
    In general, it can be seen that cross-border cooperation in the European-Russian border region, so in the EU and Schengen external borders, is difficult to implement without EU funding. National and also other international funds for this topic are barely available. In addition, the legal framework of EU funding programs of the European Neighborhood Policy is a good basis for ensuring the appropriate use of funds. This will ensure that the funds will benefit the best projects which are promoting the regions. It is also important that cross-border cooperation projects by the EU and Russia were deliberately not placed on the lists of sanctions in the wake of the Ukraine crisis. Using the example of the small border traffic between Kaliningrad and Poland, the social significance of these cooperations becomes clear, namely the opening to the neighbors across the border and an increase in mutual interest. Thus the programs promote the human-to-human contact and cultural and social co-operation.
    The paper is divided as follow: Firstly, the geographic and historical overviews of the border regions are presented in detail. This overview is followed by an execution of the types of cooperation which leads to the main part of this work – the projects in and of themselves. This is subdivided by time-periods (mainly the financial framework of EU projects) and by countries – first the cooperation programs within the framework of the European Neighborhood Program are mentioned, followed by the Euregios. The conclusion of this work is a brief summary. 

    The IRE offers young people a one-month-long internship at the office in Salzburg. Interns work on a research paper elaborating a topic related to European or regional policy. The results are published in the IRE monograph series. Furthermore, the interns support the IRE in its daily activities and the organizational processes.


    IRE-chairman Dr. Franz Schausberger and the author
    of the study within the IRE-internship program, Sophie Jenerwein, MA

    Orders are warmly accepted (cost contribution €07,00)


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