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    IRE New Year reception in Vienna

    Thanks to friends, members, promoters and sponsors:
    Roland Bimo, Karoline Edtstadler | Franz Schausberger, Wolfgang Brandstetter, Helmut Falschlehner
    After a very successful year with numerous events in Austria  and abroad and an acclaimed conference “Europe 1918 – 2018 – 2118″ the Institute of the Regions of Europe (IRE) invited to a small and welcoming New Year’s reception on 16 January in the “Almhütte” the Stiegl Ambulance in Vienna.
    IRE board member Franz Schausberger, his two board colleagues Stefan Eder and Helmut FalschlehnerGerhard Feltl from IRE-Förderverein, and secretary general Joachim Fritz thanked the numerous members, friends, supporters and sponsors of the IRE for their support, without which the extensive program would not would have been feasible. Among the many present were Secretary of State Karoline Edstadler, former Vice-Chancellor Wolfgang Brandstetter, the Albanian Ambassador Roland Bimo, Ambassador Arthur Winkler-Hermaden, the representative of the Republika Srpska in Austria, Mladen Filipovic, the President of the Political Academy, Bettina Rausch, the Director of the House of History Austria, Monika Sommer, the Director-General  of ZAMG, Michael Staudinger, the Procurator of the Order of Saint George, Vinzenz Stimpfl-AbeleAlexander Picker of Transparency International Austria and Ministerialrat Franz PietschGerhard Gamperl from Verbund, Paul Pasquali from Raiffeisenbank International, Gerda Beck from Erste Bank, Andreas Kettenhuber and Marcus Maierfrom Kommunalkredit, Erik Kroiher from Kapsch, Ernst Rosi from Syngon Advisory GmbH and many more.
    Franz Schausberger also announced an ambitious program for 2019, including the 15th Salzburg Europe Summit on “Europe and Peace” (1919 – 1989 – 2019), which will take place in Salzburg from 6 to 8 October 2019.
     Arthur Winkler-Hermaden, Vinzenz Stimpfl-Abele | Monika Sommer, Franz Schausberger, Bettina Rausch 
    Photo credit: Franz Neumayr
    For more pictures please visit the following link:
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