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    IRE Board of Trustees Member moves into the European Parliament

    On 29th of November 2017, IRE-Board of Trustees Member Lukas Mandl was commended as an Member of the European Parliament (MEP). Elisabeth Köstinger, who has been a member of the House of Representatives since 2009, left the European Parliament due to her new position as ÖVP General Secretary and President of the Austrian National Council. She was succeeded by the Lower Austrian Member of Parliament Mandl, who demands less centralism at the European level.

    In March 2017, Mandl anchored the IRE event “Centralism means less democracy” and noted that the federal structure of Austria, with its strong federal states, is still a rarity in Europe and there is no common definition of the term “region” in the EU. Each state defines the size and competences of its regions. Strengthening regions does not mean questioning the nation state.

    IRE-Chairman Schausberger with Member of the European Parliament Mandl
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