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    IRE-Advisory Board member Prof. Jovičić is new Ambassador for Bosnia and Herzegovina to the United Nations, OSCE and IAEA in Vienna

    Prof. Jugoslav Jovičić visited the Institute of European Regions (IRE) in Salzburg on Wednesday, 31st of October 2018. He has been the new Ambassador for Bosnia and Herzegovina since 4th of October 2018 to the Permanent Mission to the United Nations, the OSCE and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, Austria.
    Prof. Jovičić has been a member of the IRE Advisory Board for many years and numerous joint projects, co-operations and new initiatives have been successfully implemented. The cooperation between Ambassador Jugoslav Jovičić and the IRE will continue in the future.

    For December 2018 a conference is planned together with the Croatian Institute for Migration in Zagreb. In 2019, initiatives will be implemented in the area of EU integration of the Western Balkan countries, the strengthening of rural areas and the development of smart communities.

    Franz Schausberger with Jugoslav Jovičić
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