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    Investing in more than just education – Private institutions as a key factor for the Next Generation

    24th – 26th of September 2017: 13th CONFERENCE OF EUROPEAN REGIONS AND CITIES in the Salzburg Congress

    Private colleges and universities are now an integral part of the education system for our Next Generation. They relieve some pressure on public education system. Some of these training facilities are very successful; others are struggling with great difficulty. The term “education” is preceded by a considerable transformation process. Questions of international and national quality assurance and control as well as educational standards, accreditations at European, national and regional levels, financing, remuneration of employees, are faced with increasing change.
    Strengthening human capital, investment aid, reform projects, social protection measures for sustainable and inclusive growth are indispensable issues, which are addressed by keynote speaker Frenyó V. László (Executive Dean of the Faculty of the Budapest Campus of McDaniel College, Budapest Campus, Hungary) at the IRE-Symposium “Private Higher Education Institutions – a Chance for the Next Generation“.
    The aim is to improve and increase the quality of higher education institutions in Europe and, above all, to develop national standards in order to meet the longer-term competitiveness of the European economy. The following panelists will discuss information about best-practice examples:
    Gerhard Aumayr 
    (Executive Dean of the University of Salzburg Business School, Austria)

    Gerhard Blechinger
    (Executive Dean of the University of Applied Sciences, Salzburg, Austria)
    Michael Nake 
    (Chancellor of the Paracelsus Private Medical University of Salzburg, Austria)

    Nedeliko Stanković
    (Rector of the European University „KALLOS“, Dean of the Faculty of Law and Chairman of Council of European University of Brčko District, BiH)
    Ludvik Toplak 
    (President Alma Mater Europaea, Maribor, Slovenia)
    The Member States are called upon to invest sustainably in education, to develop an integrated approach to the improvement of educational institutions, to introduce national qualifications frameworks as key competences and to promote tailored educational results.
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