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    In order to curb migration concrete assistance to regions and local authorities in Africa is necessary

    Franz Schausberger meets the Ivorian minister Amichia in Brussels:

    In the debate on the neighbourhood and development policy of the EU with regard to Africa, Franz Schausberger stated that Europe has a special responsibility towards Africa due to its historical background (colonialism).

    The West African Economic and Monetary Union is an excellent example of how Africa successfully takes its future into its own hands. It is gratifying that a “Council of Regional and Local Authorities” has been established, which, like the CoR, has an important advisory role. European development policy must not only pursue economic goals, but must also promote social goals, job creation in the regions and municipalities, the development of education and the deepening and strengthening of democracy.Schausberger pointed out that the Austrian EU Presidency held a high-level EU-Africa Summit in Vienna on 18 December 2018 on the initiative of Federal Chancellor Kurz. The presence of many representatives of the economy made it possible to reconcile concrete investments and create new jobs there.

    Above all, it is crucial that aid and support reach the regions and communities and cities in a concrete way. Therefore, cooperation and partnerships between European and African regions and cities are of particular importance. Targeted measures were intended primarily to counteract rural depopulation and migration to Europe.


    Franz Schausberger with the Ivorian minister Francois Albert Amichia

     The present minister, Francois Albert Amichia of the Republic of Ivory Coast, fully agreed with Franz Schausberger and explained that the many young people who want to emigrate to Europe represent a serious loss to the African states, so that everything must be done to offer them liveable circumstances in Africa.

    François Albert Amichia is a member of the Democratic Party of Côte d’Ivoire – African Democratic Rally (PDCI-RDA). He was the mayor of Treichville and held the post of Ivorian sports minister and the minister of tourism. In 2002, he was held hostage in Bouaké in the center of the country during a rebellion, but released a few days later. He is also the president of the Union of cities and municipalities of Côte d’Ivoire (UVICOCI).

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