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    Government Haradinaj has narrow majority in parliament

    New government of Kosovo:

    On Saturday, September 9, 2017, the new Prime Minister of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, presented his government to the Parliament. The government is based on a coalition of AAK, AKR, PDK, Nisma and the Serb List (10 members of the Serbian minority). It has the narrow majority of 62 of the 120 seats in the Parliament of Kosovo. The opposition from the LDK (Democratic League of Kosovo) and the radical nationalist Vetëvendosje (self-determination) had left the parliament before the vote.

    The new Prime Minister, Haradinaj, had held this function from December 2004 to March 2005 for several months, but resigned because he was accused by the UN War Crimes Tribunal. The trial ended with an acquittal. At the beginning of 2017 he was temporarily arrested in France on the basis of a Serbian arrest warrant.
    On 7th of September 2017 Kadri Veseli, head of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), was elected President of the Kosovo Parliament by a narrow majority of 62 of the 120 delegates.

    The new government’s priorities include:

    • Economic development of Kosovo
    • Health Care improvement
    • New jobs
    • Foreign investment
    • NATO accession
    • EU approach
    • Continuation of the normalization dialogue with Serbia
    •  Resolution of the open border questions with Montenegro

    Prime Minister:                                              Ramush Haradinaj (Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, AAK)
    First Deputy Prime Minister:                         Behgjet Pacolli (New Kosovo Alliance, AKR)
    Deputy Prime Minister:                                 Enver Hoxhaj (PDK)
    Deputy Prime Minister:                                 Fatmir Limaj (“Initiative“/Nisma)
    Deputy Prime Minister:                                 Dardan Gashi (AKR)
    Deputy Prime Minister:                                  Dalibor Jevtic (Serb List)
    Minister of Foreign Affairs:                            Bahgjet Pacolli (AKR)
    Ministry of Internal Affairs:                             Flamur Sefaj (AKR)
    Minister of European Integration:                  Dhurata Hoxha (Democratic Party of Kosovo, PDK)
    Minister of Finances:                                     Bedri Hamza (PDK)
    Minister of Justice:                                         Abelard Tahiri (PDK)
    Minister of Kosovo Security Force:                Rrustem Berish (AAK)
    Minister of Infrastructure:                               Pal Lekaj (AAK)
    Minister of Health:                                          Uran Ismaili (PDK)
    Minister of Culture and Sports:                       Kujtim Gashi (PDK)
    Ministry of Innovation and Enterprise:            Besim Beqaj (PDK)
    Minister of Education:                                     Shyqyri Bytyqi (Nisma)
    Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning: Albena Reshitaj (AKR)
    Minister of Diaspora:                                        Dardan Gashi (AKR)
    Minister of Agriculture:                                     Nenad Rikado (Serb List)
    Ministry of Local Government Administration: Ivan Teodosijevic (Serb List)
    Minister of Rural Development:                       Rasim Demiri (Coalition Vakat, KV)

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