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    First CoR plenary session in 2017: Further reforms of the European asylum system

    The 121st plenary session of the Committee of the Regions (CoR) took place on the 8 and 9 February 2017 in Brussels. The discussion focused on a partnership framework regarding migration with third countries. The reform of the common European asylum system and the second round of reforms as well as the EU resettlement framework were discussed. CoR Member Franz Schausberger and State Parliament President of Salzburg Brigitta Pallauf participated in the discussions.

    “The European Union now focuses on the involvement of the countries of origin and, as Austria has repeatedly called for, in supporting the third countries on migration issues,” said Franz Schausberger during the debate. One outstanding example is the EU humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees with a total budget of around six billion Euros. Schausberger also supports the proposal for the establishment of an investment fund for third countries of up to 62 billion Euro to combat the causes of migration.
    An opinion on the reform of the common European asylum system was rejected by both Salzburg representatives, because it contained claims which are considerably weaker than the regulations in Austria. Other demands contradicted the principle of subsidiarity and touched core competencies of the Member States and would prove to be unsuitable.

    Other topics during the plenary session included the current events in Romania, the forthcoming elections in France, the “Brexit” and the EU’s investment campaign in regions and cities for smart and sustainable development. Furthermore, a new European consensus on the development policy was discussed. The adopted CoR opinions will be transmitted to the European Commission after the plenary session.


    soure: Landeskorrespondenz Salzburg, 9. Feb. 2017
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