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    European crisis can only be overcome with the support of strong regions

    IRE Chairman Franz Schausberger at the European Forum Wachau, Austria:

    The crisis-shaken development in Europe can only be challenged successfully with the support of strong regions, said President of the Institute of the Regions of Europe (IRE) Franz Schausberger at the European Forum Wachau in Göttweig on 11 June 2016. The current government crisis in the Ukraine is essentially based on the fact that the country is highly centralized and has long failed to establish strong regions and guarantee a degree of autonomy. A solution to the conflict would be a new federal constitution.

    from left: Member of the Landtag of Lower Austria Lukas Mandl, IRE Chairman Franz Schausberger, Gerald Steiner, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Globalization of the Danube University Krems, publicist and author Hubert Wachter and Oliver Paasch, Minister President of the German-speaking community in the Kingdom of Belgium.

    The increasing need for integration of many asylum seekers caused by the refugee influx to Europe can only be met successfully with the strong commitment of regions and municipalities. Sustainable integration is based on a decentralized integration policy, when refugees are not only settled in the metropolitan areas, but also in small cities and towns. The integration of smaller numbers of asylum seekers in many towns and cities will automatically increasing their acceptance in the host country.
    Globalization, the refugee influx and terror cause increasing nationalism, stated Schausberger. And nationalism promotes political centralism, the breakdown of democratic structures and authoritarian tendencies. Embedding people into their regional culture, strengthening their identity and guaranteeing reliable political institutions is the key counterweight to globalization, anonymity and lack of transparency.

    Based on this, the competences of the European institutions can be enhanced in the fields of refugee crisis, the fight against terrorism and international crime.
    The member of the Lower Austrian State Parliament and member of the IRE Board of Trustees Lukas Mandlpresented how initiatives and activities of regions can provide indispensable support to tackle the European crisis.
    In the course of the European Forum Franz Schausberger met the Bulgarian Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov. Since Bulgaria is still a very centralized country, Schausberger offered the Bulgarian Foreign Minister the expertise and the support of the IRE to reform the decentralization and regionalization of Bulgaria. The Minister confirmed that the decentralization discussion is being discussed for years now and especially the financial decentralization of municipalities and cities is a priority for Bulgaria.

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