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    Elektropriverda HZ HB d.d. Mostar joins IRE network

    New IRE member from Bosnia and Herzegovina:

    We are pleased to announce the Public Enterprise Elektopriverda HZ HB d.d. Mostar as a new member of the IRE network. Since 1992 it is a joint-stock company based in Mostar, southern Bosnia and Herzegovina, and operates in the generation, distribution and supply of electricity.
    The company employs over 2.000 people and operates in 35 municipalities in Bosnia. It is the third largest incumbent electric utility company in the country, with a total electricity generation of 1.287 GWh in 2017. The majority shareholder of Elektroprivreda HZ HB d.d. Mostar (with 90 % of the total shares) is the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina making it a mostly state-owned enterprise.JP Elektroprivreda HZ HB d.d. Mostar produces electricity exclusively from renewable energy sources and plans to continue investing in these technologies further on. The company operates seven hydroelectric power plants with a cumulative installed capacity of about 860 MW. Also, in March 2018, a 50,6 MW wind power plant, called Mesihovina, was launched — the first wind power plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It consists of 22 turbines and can produce up to 165,2 GWh of electricity in a year.

    Mesihovina, the first wind power plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    The company is one of the three public energy operators in Bosnia and Herzegovina and with its 12.572 kilometres long distribution network they supply electricity to a total of about 190.000 consumers. The Government of the Federation of BiH awarded Elektroprivreda HZ HB d.d. Mostar the status of a public/universal supplier and the supplier of last resort.
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