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    Discussions about a future cooperation between the IRE and the Institute of Southern European Studies (ISES)

    The Institute of Southeastern European Studies (ISES) visited the IRE–office in Salzburg
    On May 29, 2017, IRE Chairman Dr. Schausberger met Wolfgang Grossruck, President of the Institute of Southeastern European Studies (ISES), at the IRE office in Salzburg.
    The conversation about a possible future cooperation with Institute of Southeastern European Studies (ISES) was very promising. Wolfgang Grossruck (former Deputy to the National Council of the Republic of Austria and President of the Austrian-Albanian Society) was accompanied by the Executive Director of his Institute, Prof. Dr. Enver Bytyci and his Deputy Executive Director, Miftar Kastrati.
    From left to right: Dr. Joachim Fritz (IRE-General Secretary), Wolfgang Großruck (ISES-President), Dr. Enver Bytyci (ISES-Executive Director), Dr. Franz Schausberger (IRE- Chairman of the Board) and Mag. Miftar Kastrati (ISES-Deputy Executive Director).
    ISES was founded in 2011 and aims to serve as a cross-disciplinary, academic research center near the Albanian capital city Tirana. The Institute’s scope of work mainly focuses on studies with geo-political, historical, cultural, religious, scientific character related to various historical developments that have occurred in Southeastern Europe. In addition, the research studies of ISES cover areas of security, social aspects, law, human rights as well as development.The purpose of ISES is to discuss and prepare analytical reports on historical, cultural, social, political and economic fields of study in Albania, Kosovo and the entire Southeastern European region. It places particular emphasis on the training in the field of multidisciplinary research on South-South European issues. Furthermore, the Institute’s specific concern is to promote and support the cultivation of European values, economic and social cooperation as well as the development of democracy in Albania.

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