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    Decentralization and strengthening of regional and local self-government is important for the Western Balkan countries on their way to the EU

    EU-Commissioner Johannes Hahn visited the IRE:

    Franz Schausberger pointed out that the Local Self-Government Charter provided a valuable frame of reference for the municipalities and cities; a corresponding Regional Self-Government Charter had been missing for years, but would be very helpful for the Western Balkan enlargement countries.

    In the meeting with IRE Chairman Franz Schausberger, the EU Commissioner thanked the regional and local level for the numerous activities of the Institute of the Regions of Europe, especially in the area of Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Above all, the many conferences and seminars in the Western Balkans contribute to improving the capacity of sub-national administrations.

    The strengthening of regional structures and self-government in the municipalities and cities in the six enlargement countries in the Western Balkans is an important prerequisite for their rapprochement with the European Union, said Commissioner for Enlargement Johannes Hahn during a working visit to the Institute of the Regions of Europe (IRE) on 28th of August 2018. For the future implementation of EU policies, it is essential to have strong and well-resourced political and administrative institutions at regional and local level.

    From left to right: Joachim Fritz (IRE-Secretary General), Franz Schausberger (IRE-Chairman), Lisa-Marie Stauffer (IRE-Staff) and Johannes Hahn (EU-Commissioner)  
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