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    Cyber security is an important area of digitization in Europe

    Visit of State Secretary Mag. Karoline Edtstadler at the Institute of the Regions of Europe (IRE):

    State Secretary in the Austrian Ministry of the Interior, Mag. Karoline Edtstadler paid a visit to the IRE on 25th of July 2018. The State Secretary and the Chairman of the IRE, former Governor Franz Schausberger, agreed that the issue of cyber security is an extremely important area of digitization across Europe. Almost every week there are cyber attacks on banks. Edtstadler pointed out that the number of cyber attacks is skyrocketing and that in 2017, 80 percent of European companies have been affected by it in some form. It mainly affects small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which often do not have the opportunity to effectively prepare for such attacks. Across Europe, better cross-border cooperation and a clear definition of what cybercrime is necessary. Therefore, State Secretary Edtstadler advocates that the cyber security package be completed this year during the Austrian EU Presidency.

    She also welcomed the issue of digitization and cyber security in a separate panel discussion at the 14th Conference of European Regions and Cities of the IRE, to be held in Salzburg from 30th of September to 2nd of October 2018.
    State Secretary Mag. Karoline Edtstadler (centre), IRE –Chairman Franz Schausberger (left), IRE Secretary General Joachim Fritz (right) with staff and interns of the IRE
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