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    Conservative party wins – steep decline for the populist Finn Party

    Municipal elections in Finland:

    The municipal elections in Finland took place on 9 April 2017. The Green party has gained 3.9 percentage points, more than any other party, and achieved 12.4 percent in total. The governing parties have experienced the biggest loss, especially the right-wing Finn party. The Social Democrats, as largest opposition party, has suffered a slight loss of votes, whereas all other opposition parties were able to record gains.

    In Helsinki, the Greens achieved 24.1 per cent of the vote, becoming the second-biggest party in the capital. The euro-critical Finn party won only 8.8 per cent. The Social Democrats came to 19.4 percent and the center party of Prime Minister Juha Sipilä stands at 17.5 percent.

    However, the big winner of this election is Jan Vapaavuori, who won the election in the capital with his National Coalition Party (Kokoomus). Former Minister of Economy Jan Vapaavuori established himself early on and won 28.4 per cent of the votes making him the new mayor of Helsinki.

    The National Coalition Party has been able to take its stand since 2015 and was also able to win the overall majority in Finland with 20.7 per cent. The turnout rate was 58.8 percent.


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