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    Confident European with a deep regional anchorage

    Franz Schausberger congratulates Manfred Weber on the election of the
    EPP lead candidate for the 2019 European elections:
    It is gratifying that with Manfred Weber a convinced European, deeply rooted in his regional level, the Free State of Bavaria, was voted the EPP’s lead candidate for the 2019 European elections, said IRE Chariman Franz Schausberger, who is also EPP vice-president in the European Committee of the Regions. Schausberger congratulated Weber on the clear approval of around 80 percent of the delegates.
    Schausberger emphasized that Weber, because of his successful work as Chairman of the EPP Group, knew not only the European level but also, as a former member of the district council of Kelheim and the Bavarian state parliament, the importance of the regional level. In the future, it would be particularly important for the European Union to involve the regions, cities and municipalities more closely in European politics.
    Manfred Weber in Salzburg
    Schausberger referred to Manfred Weber’s speech on 3rd of May 2018 about the regions and subsidiarity. Weber among other things had explained:
    • “Europe is not built only on strong nations. Europe is also rooted in every region.”
    • “When we talk about Europe, we talk a lot about identity. Much of this European identity is being shaped in the regions.”
    • “Europe is deeply rooted in its regions. Without its regions, Europe would be homeless. It is about feelings, about community, about participation and responsibility – all this we can learn in our regions. Without these communities, without its regions, Europe would break.”
    • “The relationship between Europe and its regions is also a mutual love story. Europe is becoming down to earth through the regions. And the regions can only take off through Europe.”
    • “Europe means bringing the peripheral regions to the center. Countless potential in the regions would be wasted if it were not for the unifying band of Europe. Europe is creating a network of regions that brings together the regions. Only through Europe can the regions develop together.”
    • “For me, subsidiarity also means that each level takes responsibility for the decisions it has made. Let us live subsidiarity in Europe – at all levels! “
    • “Let the regions be the hearts of our European democracy. Being close to people means being close to the regions.”
    • “I am a proud Bavarian. Germany is my fatherland. And I am a convinced European. These three elements are inseparable. Europe has only a future when it comes to its roots. Let us therefore preserve the regions in the heart of Europe! “ 

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