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    Confidence in the united Europe is again noticeable

    IRE- Chairman Dr. Franz Schausberger met IRE-Patron Dr. Theo Waigel in Salzburg

    With a clearly pro-European position – as the example shows in France – elections can be won again by the public commitment to the common Europe which is again more noticeable, as the many positive demonstrations for the EU show.
    The former “father of the euro”, former German Finance Minister Theo Waigel and the President of the Institute of European Regions (IRE), former Governor of Salzburg Dr. Franz Schausberger, agreed on a meeting in Salzburg on 27 May 2017.
    Additionally, Waigel fully supported the statement by the German Chancellor that Europe has to go its own way on the basis of the new developments in the world’s politics, which would require a more common ground in European politics. Theo Waigel, who is a member of the “Board of Patrons” of the IRE, held a much-respected lecture on the current European politic situation in Salzburg.
    IRE-Board of Patron Dr. Theo Waigel and IRE-Chairman Dr. Franz Schausberger
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