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    Clear victory of the ÖVP at Salzburg state election (Landtag)

    Landslide victory for Governor Haslauer:
    The state election in Salzburg took place on the 22nd of April 2018. Over 390,000 were eligible to vote on Sunday to elect a new government in the province of Salzburg. Voter turnout was 64.9 percent.The ÖVP is the big winner of the state election. The top candidate Wilfried Haslauer made the expected victory on Sunday. The party achieved a proud 37.8 percent, an increase of 8.8 percentage points to the last election in 2013. Thus, the party provides 15 (+4 seats) of the 36 seats in the state parliament (Landtag).

    Governor Wilfried Haslauer

    The SPÖ reached the second place with 20 percent. However, the party with leading contender Walter Steidl touched -3.8 percentage points to the previous election in 2013 losses. The party now occupies eight seats (-1) in the Salzburg Parliament.

    The FPÖ with candidate Marlene Svazek came to 18.8 percent. That means an increase of 1.8 percentage points and the third place of the election. The Freedom Party will be represented with three mandates (+1) in the state parliament.

    The greatest loss of all parties is recorded by the Greens. They lost 10.9 percentage points after the provisional final result and came to 9.3 percentage points and only 3 (-4) seats.

    Winners are also the Neos. The top candidate Sepp Schellhorn reached 7.3 percent of the vote and is represented with three mandates in the state parliament. The remaining lists remained below the necessary 5 percent hurdle. In total, five political groups are represented in the parliament.


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