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    Center-right party in Sicily elections shortly ahead

    Sicilian mood test before parliamentary election

    In the regional elections on 5th of November 2017 in Sicily, a narrow victory of the center-right camp is emerging. 4.6 million of eligible Sicilians voters elect a new parliament and a regional president for the autonomous region. The voter turnout was with 48 percent below expectations
    Five candidates striving for the post as the Regional President. Nello Musumeci of the center-right party (Coalizione di Centrodestra, alliance of Berlusconi’s “Forza Italia”, “Lega Nord”, and right-wing party “Fratelli d’Italia) is with 38 percent ahead of its competitor of the Euro-critical five-star movement (Movimento 5 digits), Giancarlo Cancelleri, who scored 36 percent of the vote.

    The center-left candidate, Fabrizio Micari (Coalizione di Centrosinistra), has to content himself with 18 percent of the votes. The anti-mafia politician and left-wing candidate Claudio Fava (Coalizione di Sinistra) came to seven percent of the vote.
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