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    Austria’s Government Program is a positive foundation for more efficient and citizen-closer EU

    IRE Chairman Franz Schausberger:

    It is utterly positive that the work program of the new Federal Government in Austria has not only made a clear commitment to the European Union, but also concretely places the principle of subsidiarity at the heart of the further development of the EU, stated today the Chairman of the Institute of the Regions of Europe (IRE), Univ. Prof. Dr. Franz Schausberger. This includes the decentralization of responsibilities at national, regional and local levels and consequently clearly against a centralized EU. Additionally, he added that it is particularly pleasing that the new Federal Government will work to ensure that the EU focuses on the essential issues in the future, as proposed in scenario 4 of the White Paper of the Future of Europe (“Less, but more efficient”). As a matter of course, the subsidiarity principle should not only apply between the EU and the Member States, but also include the regions, cities and municipalities.
    Subsequently, it is important to support the organization of a separate EU Convention, which should prepare Austria’s contribution to a European subsidiarity pact as well as leads to greater proximity to citizens in the EU. For this, the Institute of the Regions of Europe would like to make constructive suggestions, said Schausberger.

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