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    Arad County Council – 25 years of european existence

    The IRE warmly congratulates the member region in Romania on its anniversary

    Located at the western gate of Romania, Arad County is one of the most important counties in the country. The capital city, Arad, displays spectacular parks and monumental buildings, along the Mures River.

    Arad joined the Institute of European Regions in 2008. Since then, several IRE events have taken place in the region, such as the Café d’Europe Régionale and the Europe Day. In 2012, some students from this region took part in the IRE internship program in Salzburg.

    The Arad region promotes and supports foreign and national companies in the region. The unemployment rate is lower than 2.5 percent and in the capital it is below one percent. Since 22nd April 1993 there has been a partnership with the EU, and the region has become a model at regional level through its European attitude.

    We are looking forward to continue on the fruitful cooperation with Arad County Council and congratulate to the 25th anniversary with the EU.
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    Source: Arad County Council 


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