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    Alternative energy sources as a guide for a sustainable future for next generations

    24th – 26th of September 2017: 13th CONFERENCE OF EUROPEAN REGIONS AND CITIES in the Salzburg Congress

    Never before has a European policy on renewable energies been as important as today. Renewable energy sources have been actively promoted for decades by the EU’s energy policy. The EU Directive on Renewable Energies set binding targets for the EU as a whole and thus introduced a European overall settlement. In addition to increasing sustainable energy efficiency, the use of renewable energies in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other forms of air pollution is one of the most important strategies to achieve this goal as far as possible.
    The forecasts and scenarios made in recent decades have in some cases greatly underestimated the potentials of the first generation of renewable energies. Now we have to go into the Next Generation of renewable energies, concentrating on decentralized and autonomous energy supply.
    Monika Weber-Fahr (Chief Operating Officer, SustainableEnergyForAll, Austria) will address these specific aspects of renewable energy supply as the introductory speakerof the panel discussion “The Next Generation of Renewable Energy“. Through alternative sources of energy, we do not only ensure a sustainable future for generations, but also achieve considerable economic importance; however, there is still room to expand its market share.
    In order to adopt these energy strategies, the following persons from industry and politics will discuss this topic in the panel discussion:
    Klaus Bergsmann 
    (Head of Group Sustainability Office, Erste Group Bank AG, Vienna, Austria)
    Plamen Dilkov 
    (Vice president at Confindustria Bulgaria, CEDEC – European Federation of Local Energy Companies, Alliance of the Producers of Ecological Energy, Sofia, Bulgaria)
    Gerhard Gamperl 
    (Head of Department Strategy, Corporate Development and Innovation, VERBUND AG, Vienna, Austria)
    Georg Rebernig 
    (Managing Director Environment Agency Austria, Vienna, Austria)
    Josef Schwaiger 
    (Councillor for Energy, Land Salzburg, Austria)
    The program and further information can be found here
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