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    Alfred Riedl takes office as President of the Austrian Association of Municipalities

    IRE sends congratulations:

    After 18 years at the head of the Austrian Association of Municipalities Helmut Mödlhammer resigned. His successor is Mag. Alfred Riedl.

    Since 1990, Alfred Riedl has been mayor of Grafenwörth (district of Tulln in Austria), which has a population of about 3,000. In 1998 he entered the Lower Austrian Parliament, where he holds the office of deputy chairman of his party. Since 2011 the tax consultant Riedl has also been serving as president of the Municipal Association of Lower Austria and has been vice-president of the Austrian Association of Municipalities since 2007. Riedl obtained a degree at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) and is the owner of a large tax consulting company in Lower Austria with several locations and more than 60 employees.

    The Austrian Association of Municipalities represents 2,089 of the 2,100 Austrian municipalities. The Association advocates the interests of the Austrian municipalities on national and international level. The aim is to secure the existence, the self-administration and the economic future of the various municipalities in Austria as a model for a subsidiary Europe. The Austrian Association of Municipalities has been operating a permanent office in Brussels since 1996 in order to comply with the international agenda.

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