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    Scientific Work

    IRE-  Monograph series

    The IRE Monograph series consists of research papers on the topics of regional and local election analysis, political systems, regional location development, EU regional policy and other areas focusing on regionalisation and decentralisation. They are written by external associates, within the frame of a one-month-long internship at the IRE office in Salzburg. A selection of papers as well as other publications is published annually in our “Yearbook of Regionalism”. 

    The following titles have already been published.

    IRE- Occasional Papers

    • Occasional Papers 1/2006
      Die Bedeutung der Regionen im gemeinsamen Europe (in German)
    • Occasional Papers 2/2007
      The EU-Constitutional Treaty and the Regions of Europe
    • Occasional Papers 3/2010
      Regionalisation. Strengthening or Subversion of the National State?