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    For Regions and Cities

    To Regions, Municipalities and Cities we Offer


    ~Expertise through Expert Conferences

    Within the frame of increasing political decentralization, regions, municipalities and cities are facing more challenges when it comes to offering efficient services and securing the quality of life of their citizens. Against this background, we are committed to offering necessary expertise to political decision makers. Through practical examples as well as the introduction of new trends and technologies, we aim to create a new impetus for the development of regions, municipalities, cities and towns. The IRE has recognized this fact early on, and has become a prime contact for the organisation of expert conferences and symposiums on regionally relevant political topics such as interregional cooperation, EU funds, energy supply, tourism, health management, transport and traffic. Events focusing on these topics are key elements of successful networking.


    A strong, cross-border network is key for decision makers to foster and build momentum for regional and local development. The IRE network encompasses contacts from several European institutions, national ministries, regional and local administrations as well as executive boards of companies. We proudly report on regional news and developments, maintaining an up-to-date and communicative environment.

    ~Location Presentation

    A successful location policy is of utmost importance in regions, municipalities, cities and towns. We offer an integration of members’ locations into our network and a privileged access to many European companies. Members can get in touch with potential investors at one of our events, or we can organize individual meetings with them as well.


    ~Interest-driven Policy

    The IRE observes current trends in European politics closely. As a part of this, we pay attention to actions and measures affecting the interests and competences of regions, municipalities, cities and towns. We put our evaluations and consultation at the disposal of our members.