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    Mission Statement

    Our Principles

    > European and Regional
    Our activities focus on the European regional level. We work in close contact with decision makers from the political and economic systems  as well as with the civil society from all European countries. As supporters of the European integration process, we adhere to the European principles of tolerance, international understanding, and subsidiarity.

    Credibility and Professionalism
    Seriousness is our first priority. We communicate with diplomats, representatives of politics and the European Union every day. We are obliged to work professionally in order to reach our goals and to fulfill the expectations and requirements of our members.

    > Science and Practice
    Where different interests intersect, we combine both scientific and practical work. We pursue an interdisciplinary approach and combine expertise from politics, economics, and law.

    Sustainability and Success Oriented
    More than 130 regions, municipalities, cities, towns and companies have become members of the IRE network. They are connected by the interest to turn their ideas into action and to strengthen the importance of regional and local levels in the political decision-making process. The IRE helps them by providing a robust network of important decision makers and by offering our expertise in the areas of regionalization and decentralization of different political areas.

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