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    Advisory Board

    Our aim to strengthen the regions and cities of Europe requires a constant input of new ideas and opinions. In order to give additional support to the Board of Directors and the operation team, the Board of Trustees and the Advisory Board were established. Active entrepreneurs, public officials and scientific experts meet several times a year to evaluate the status-quo of the IRE and its plans for future activities.

    Members of the Advisory Board

    Dr Gerhard H. Bauer, retired Managing Director of the Austrian Society for European Politics
    Dr Karl Edtstadler, retired Landtag Director (Salzburg)
    General Roland Ertl, retired Chief of Staff
    Dr Wendelin Ettmayer, retired Ambassador
    Prof. Dr-Ing. Martin FaulstichDirector, INZIN Institute, Düsseldorf
    KR Prof. Dr Gerhard Feltl, Deputy Chairman of the IRE Institute
    Dr Wolfgang Friess, former head of the Presidential Division of the Province of Salzburg
    Dipl.-Ing. Mag. Gerhard Gamperl, Head of Strategy, Corporate Development and Sustainability, VERBUND AG
    DI Christian Hasenleithner, General Manager Energie AG Wasser GmbH
    Mag. Stefan Heiglauer, Head of CEE Region, Austrian Post AG
    Mag. Roman Himmler, MBA, Sales Manager, Kapsch TrafficCom AG
    Dr Andreas Hopf, CEO, Central Danube Region Marketing & Development GmbH
    Prof. Dr Jugoslav Jovicic, former ambassador and voluntary scientific IRE Coordinator for the Western Balkans
    Mag. Georg Krauchenberg, former Regional Director of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Strategy for the Danube Region
    MMag. Dr Erik Kroiher, MA (Lon.), AKC, Kapsch TrafficCom AG
    Mag. Richard Kühnel, Director-General of Communication in the Commission, Brussels
    Franz Lückler, CEO, ACstyria Autocluster GmbH
    KR Dkfm. Dr Bernd Petrisch, retired Member of Parliament on the Salzburger Landtag
    Dragijana Radonjić Petrović, retired State Secretary, Belgrade, Serbia
    Dr Josef Pühringer, former Governor of Upper Austria
    Mag. Ernst R. Rosi
    Dr Oskar Wawra, retired Department Director, Municipal Authority of the City of Vienna Europe and International Division
    Dipl.-Ing. Otto G. Zich, former Chairman and CEO of Sony Europa, Chairman of the University Council of the University of Salzburg

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