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    Our Team

    Dr. Joachim Fritz – Secretary General

    Born in Salzburg in 1975, Dr. Joachim Fritz graduated as doctor in law at University of Salzburg. In Brussels he covered several positions at the liaison office of the Land Salzburg and the College d’Europe. When the IRE was founded in 2004, Fritz joined the institute as Secretary-General

    • Head of the IRE office Salzburg
    • Project management
    • IRE member desk: companies
    • Internship programme

    You can contact Joachim Fritz in German, French, English and Spanish
    Tel: +43 662 843 288 44
    Joachim Fritz

    Joanna Chmielecki – Assistant European Affairs and Public Relations

    Joanna was born 1985 in Germany. She studied Cultural Studies at the University of Paderborn and finished the Bachelor degree of Arts in 2009. She studied Master of Arts in European Union Studies at the University of Salzburg. She joined the IRE in January 2013. 

    • Public Relations
    • Relations with the EU and governmental institutions
    • IRE member desk: Belgium, Germany, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and companies from the energy sector
    • Project management assistance 

    You can contact Joanna in German, EnglishPolish and Spanish
    Tel: +43 662 843 288 20

    Martina Balažic – General Administration and Office Management

    Martina was born in 1983 in Murska Sobota (Slovenia). She studied Geography with focus on Regional Development at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia). She took part in the Erasmus Programme at the University of Abderdeen (UK). Martina works at the IRE since August 2014.

    • General administration
    • Diary management
    • Event management
    • IRE member desk: Austria, Bosnia – Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and IRE cooperation partners

    You can contact Martina in German, English, Slovenian, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian.

    Tel: +43 662 843 288 10