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    Our motivation

    Our Motivation

    The Institute of the Regions of Europe (IRE) was founded in 2004 by Prof. Dr. Franz Schausberger, former President of the Land Salzburg. The main aim was to create a platform for municipalities, regions and enterprises from all over Europe in order to point out the increasing importance of regions and municipalities for European politics and for economic development. With its activities and initiatives, the IRE supports decentralization and regionalization and provides expertise for strengthening respective processes. A small but competent team in Salzburg offers consulting for regions, municipalities, enterprises and institutes.

    With its impartial and non-profit character, the IRE wishes to cut informational deficits and to foster the economic potentials of the European regions. Cross-border cooperation is seen as a fundamental instrument for supporting social cohesion and sustainable economic development. Currently, more than 125 member regions, municipalities, cities and towns as well as enterprises from 20 European countries comprise our network. We work on behalf of our members and we look forward to expanding our network.