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    Internships at the IRE



    ~Internships at the IRE

    To young people the IRE offers a one-month-long internship at the office in Salzburg. Interns work on a research paper regarding European or regional policy. The papers will be published in the IRE monographic series. Furthermore, interns are included in the daily IRE activities and support the IRE staff with organizational matters. The internship is open to undergraduate students and students who have recently completed their studies (Bachelor, Master, PhD) preferably in the field of politics, law, history, geography or economy. A basic knowledge of the European Union and its institutions is required. Students receive pocket money in return.

    For more information please contact Dr. Joachim Fritz.

    We congratulate our interns from the past two years on completing the internship successfully and wish them all the best for the future!

    The IRE internship programme is supported by

    Bildergebnis für voestalpine AG  Bildergebnis für land salzburg logo


    Interns 2016:

    tsira Tsira ZAUNER, February 2016

    demet Demet DEMIR, February 2016

    img_20160323_115823110 Jessika KLUTH , March 2016

    gerard Gerard RIBAS, March 2016

    l1030994 Martina RADINGER, May 2016

    l1040226 Angelina ARKHANGELSKAIA, May 2016

    13570149_10208392270115706_2112298180_o-1-kopie Biljana GROZDIC, June 2016


    Interns 2015:

    no-pic_2 Bianca HUMER, February 2015

    SONY DSC Cornelia RENZ, February 2015

    SONY DSC Andreea Nicoleta STEFAN, March 2015

    SONY DSC Alexandra NEGRAU, April 2015

    aurela Aurela BEQARI, April 2015

    SONY DSC Karim OSMAN, May 2015

    no-pic_2 Anica KARLIC, May 2015

    SONY DSC Diana Veronika BEHR, May 2016

    igor Igor DRASKOVIC, June 2015

    stefanie Stefanie GAISBICHLER, June 2015

    budweismiami Tomas COLLIER, July & August 2015

    Kamila ZEMANOVA, July & August 2015

    Carola POSPISILOVA, July & August 2015

    Thomas CASELLI, July & August 2015

    lukas_wallner_ Lukas WALLNER, September 2015

    picci-tajana-mih Mihaiela CORSATEA, Oktober & November 2015

    Giorgio PICCIRILLO, Oktober & November 2015

    Tajana MEDAKOVIC, Oktober & November 2015