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    Our aim to strengthen the regions and cities of Europe requires a constant input of new ideas and opinions. In order to give additional support to the Board of Directors and the operation team, the Board of Trustees and Advisory Board were established. Active entrepreneurs, public officials and scientific experts meet several times a year to evaluate the status-quo of the IRE and its plans for future activities. For more information, please contact Mag. Martina Balazic.


    Members of Board of Trustees:

    KR Prof. Dr. Gerhard Feltl

    Mag. Georg Krauchenberg

    Mag. Lukas Mandl

    KR Dkfm. Dr. Bernd Petrisch

    Dr. Filip Radunović

    Prof. Claus Reitan

    KR Mag. Ernst Rosi

    LAbg. HR Dr. Josef Schöchl 

    Dr. Oskar Wawra

    Dr. Werner Weihs-Raabl

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