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    27th March: IRE – Expert Conference “On the trails of the Habsburg in Western Romania”, Arad, Romania

    The Institute of European Regions (IRE) organises an International Expert Conference which is devoted to the topic of “On the trails of the Habsburg in Western Romania”. Venue is the Vasile Goldis Hall in the County Council of Arad, Romania.

    (c) Sven Teschke, Bündingen, Wikimedia Commons

    The House of Habsburg was one of the most influential dynasties in Europe. The Habsburgs’ more than 800-year-old history is preserved in places covering thousands of square kilometres in Western, Central and Eastern Europe. A route from France to Austria, the “Via Habsburg” invites to a visit of many of these places. This is a path of more than a thousand kilometres of knowledge, friendship and of relationships across borders and between the Nations.

    So far a similar cultural route is missing for the eastern and south-eastern European area, where the house Habsburg decisively shaped the historical development. The region of Arad is now trying to connect to the rest of Europe by establishing its own cultural route of the Habsburg heritage and to strengthen the historical and cultural links. This, of course, especially against the background of the intensification of tourism.



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